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Quality education for a brighter future. Invest in your knowledge and skills for success. Unlock endless opportunities with a solid education.


Physical training programs to prepare cadets for a career in the military. It focuses on developing fitness, strength, and mental toughness.


Proper grooming includes maintaining hygiene and a polished appearance, while etiquette involves following social norms and manners.


Govt. Recognized Cadet College

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Kings Cadet College Gujrat, established in 2017, became the first GHQ Approved Semi-Military boarding institution of its kind in District Gujrat.

We are preparing you to Join the Defence Forces

Our Wide Range of In-Demand Courses


The students at the Intermediate level can choose to study science-related subjects for their 11th class and 12th class board exams. Moreover, all courses of the F.Sc. Pre-Engineering program are designed to prepare them by providing the basic skills of the engineering field.


In this program, students take biology, physics and chemistry. Students who wish to enhance their abilities in the fields of Medical (Doctoring) and Medicine are admitted to this program, further, those students who are interested to take admission to medical colleges in Pakistan or abroad.


KCC Gujrat offers a two-year ICS program, which stands for Intermediate in Computer Science. Completing two years of academic certificates provides students with both general experience and fundamental knowledge of computer science.


Kings Cadet College nurtures its students in the field of Economic activities, with a focus on the important branches of business, commerce, and industries, which are deemed the backbone of the national economy. KCC encourages trade and business pursuits.


At this level, Kings Cadet College admits students to the 9th and 10th Grade where they offer both Science and Computer programs. Students aged 14 to 16 years take these examinations.


Kings Cadet College admits students ranging in age from 11 to 14 years for a three-year stay in grades six to eight. The same curriculum taught in government schools is taught at this stage.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. It is the only thing in the world which can not be stolen away from you. It plays an integral part in making the person you become. Grades and marks don’t determine the success of a person’s life, it is the knowledge and depth in a persons that makes him/her successful in being an extra ordinary human being.

Life is a journey filled with adventures so enjoy the adventure and make the best of every opportunity given. A person who dreams is a persons who lives, don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams but always remember that dreams only come true when you are true when you are true to your responsibilities and know your priorities. The most important thing in life is to become a good human being first. Love, live, dream and spread your essence in the world.


Being the youngest Cadet College of the country, we aim to provide quality education to our Cadets for their better future and making them practical Muslims, productive citizens, competent professionals and true Pakistanis.

We are not only narrowed to achieve academic excellence but also focused on character building of our Cadets. Our best efforts are to make our cadets not only men of success but men of value and wisdom.

We are eager to inculcate our young cadets a strength of fighting spirit to save our country from evil eyes and actions of our enemies across the globe.

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An excellent institution that has produced so many intellectuals who had and are serving the nation across the globe.

_Akbar Chaudary,

Excellent place to boost up your children, such a place where the future of our nation protects well.

_Ishtiaq Mahmood,

An institution that has provided opportunities to the deserving talented students to excel.

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