1. Candidates are advised to locate the Examination Centre and route a day before the Examination to avoid any possibility of arriving late on the morning of the Examination.

2. There will be only one session of Entrance Test of 3 hours duration (9:30 AM to 12:30 PM). Candidate will be given a consolidated booklet comprising of all the components. Answers will be written in the spaces provided in the same question booklet. No extra sheet will be given. 

3. All candidate must be present in front of the Examination Hall as per the following schedule, so that the necessary formalities may be completed before allowing the entry into the Examination Hall i.e. 30 minutes before the commencement of the test: –

 Reporting Time – 9:00 am (Pakistan Standard Time)  Entrance Test (All components) – 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (Pakistan Standard Time)

4. Candidates must bring with them pen, blue/black ball point, pencils, rubber, ink-pot, geometry-box, ruler etc. which they may need for answering the questions. Borrowing and lending will not be permitted during the exam. Answers may not be written in Lead pencil.

5. Candidates should not have in possession any written or blank paper at the time of entry into the Examination Hall.

6. Candidates will write their Roll Number, Name and Father’s Name only in the given space on the first page of Test Booklet, and nowhere else. They will not write their name or the name of their home town while writing essay/letter or application in any paper. If such a question is set in the paper, “XYZ” or “ABC” will be written instead.

7. Answers will be written in blue or black ink only. Red and green ink will not be used.

8. Candidates must not detach any page from the booklet. Rough work, if necessary, should be done on the answer-book and a line drawn through it to show that it is cancelled.

9. Candidates must visit the Wash Room/Toilet before entering the Examination Hall as no candidate will be allowed to leave the Hall for the purpose.

10. Parents may accompany their sons/wards but as soon as the candidates enter the Examination Hall, they should please go away and not move around in the vicinity of the examination area. This causes unnecessary disturbance to the candidates.

11. No candidate should try and use UNFAIR MEANS in the Examination Hall. Anybody found doing so will be debarred from taking further test and his paper will be cancelled.

12. Parents/guardians are also requested not to make any effort to contact/approach the invigilation staff in any way. Such efforts on the part of parents do no good and are a nuisance to the Supervisory Staff.

13. Smart gadgets and communication devices are strictly prohibited.

14. It may please be noted that no correspondence regarding results of the Written Test and Interview will be entertained.

15. The use of calculators is not allowed. Wrist watch having calculator is not to be brought to the examination hall.