A school is a building surrounding by four walls with the future inside. Its a social institution that reflects the standard of the society.Therefore, good schools are needed for good society to recognize and utilize its hidden talents for the fullest possible uplift and progress.A school plays a greater role in changing the society and its people in the sphere academic, social economic, mental, moral & physical development.Above all, it always keeps its door open for all irrespective of caste & creed, color & community, high & low, rich & poor.Hence it may be termed as a pious and sacred social institution.One-step ahead, it ignites the young minds and mold’s the pupils to good citizen as well as the good leaders of the nation.All students must be prepared to be successful in the 21st Century careers – many of which do not even exist yet.Students must know how to think, to problem solve, to innovate and to collaborate.There is no longer a single pathway to that end, but whatever paths our students choose must be steeped with effort,dedication, relevance and relationships.In all their courses, students must be challenged beyond their comfort zones and must be connected to adults who truly cares.As the adults in their lives, we must provide guidance in the development of character, we must help students to act with compassion, accept responsibility and choose to do the right thing.Our philosophy of education has always been meeting the needs of the individual child.Children acquire skills and knowledge easily if we can make the surrounding stimulating and purposeful.In the 21st Century, the Digital Revolution affects us all.Quite simply, it is changing everything.In such a surrounding when work and effort is valued, the child’s self esteem is heightened and from their results self-motivation.We try to understand and work with each child and we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to enable the child in our care to develop as whole.