Special Services Group

The Special Services Group (SSG) is a highly trained and specialized unit of the Pakistan Army responsible for conducting special counterterrorism operations. The SSG is considered one of the world’s most elite Special Forces units and is known for its high level of training and expertise in various specialized skills.

The SSG conducts various operations, including investigation, direct action, counterterrorism, and special inspection. They are also responsible for providing security and protection to high-level government officials and foreign dignitaries.

The selection process for the SSG is rigorous and demanding, and only the best and most highly qualified soldiers are chosen to join the unit. The training for SSG is also highly specialized and intense, and it includes a variety of training programs such as physical fitness, weapons training, survival skills, and language training.

Kings Cadet College Gujrat is one of the institutions that produce a large number of SSG soldiers due to its high-level training and physical education provided to the cadets preparing them for a career in the Pakistan Army and specifically in SSG.